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House Price Growth Breaks Record, But Will it Slow Down?

House Price Growth Breaks Record, But Will it Slow Down?

The last year’s house price increase set a record-high after 2004’s price spike. House values increased by as much as 16% over the year. But has the golden run begun slowing down and plateauing?

To give you a good idea of the figures, the house price growth has become so high since last year. More so that some houses in Australia are out-earning the country’s highest-paid professionals, such as company CEOs and surgeons.

Read on to learn why the price growth is starting to plateau and the real estate industry’s possible reasons and future potential.

Facts About the Tapering Price Growth

The national index in March of the same year spiked up to roughly 2.8%. Still, the value will consistently decrease in the following months. Since June, housing prices went down to 1.6%, indicating a substantial yet slowly diminishing value.

House Price Remains Out of Reach

While the house price displays a plateauing in value, it still remains out of reach for many households, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In many suburbs, dwelling costs increase faster in a month than wages and other incomes in a year. That’s one of the reasons why house price is slowly getting out of reach for many buyers and renters.

However, the economic and business restrictions influence the loss of momentum in terms of house prices in the long run.

The successive COVID-19 outbreaks and lengthened lockdowns caused most of the Federal Government’s financial assistance support programs to expire without giving enough time for beneficiaries to get back on track.

The Future of House Price Growth Rate

As Australian households and businesses push through the second half of 2021 and the global health crisis, house price growth rates will continue tapering down. Some factors include restraints in affordability and the imbalance of supply and demand.

Credit policies for major banks and lenders may also change, resulting in another headwind for the real estate industry.

Despite that, the demand for dwellings remains strong. We can help you find the ideal lender and negotiate housing rates that work for you with a reliable mortgage broker.

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House prices broke another long-standing record since 2004. With that, finding the perfect home with a sustainable financial option will go a long way for your security and peace of mind.

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