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Nine in 10 FHBs trust brokers to help them buy their first property

Nine in 10 FHBs trust brokers to help them buy their first property

As redundant as it seems, statistics reveal that nine in 10 first home buyers (FHBs) believe they need a trusted mortgage broker to help them find and acquire their first residential property.

That speaks a lot about the significance of mortgage brokers in the lending industry. With the sheer number of options to choose from and threats to avoid, having a reliable partner on your back can go a long way in ensuring a smooth journey.

Why FHBs trust mortgage brokers

Recently, an FHB report released by Genworth surveyed more than 1,000 new first home buyers and 2,077 potential FHBs. Here’s a quick rundown of the results and a peek at one of the survey responses:

A 32-year old respondent said that they trust a mortgage broker when buying a property for the first time since they can help determine their financial position. That way, a mortgage broker can guide them throughout the process and look for suitable lenders for reasonable loan rates.

From the big picture, the survey revealed that about nine in 10 FHBs will consider having a mortgage broker to help them surf through the complex loan application and home purchasing process.

Moreover, roughly the same proportion of respondents said they can get informed advice and reliable information from mortgage brokers to buy their first home.

About 90% of the survey respondents also believe that they can get ongoing and valuable assistance from mortgage brokers before, during, and after purchasing.

That sums up to trustworthiness, reliability, ability to simplify complex information, and ongoing support that makes mortgage brokers crucial and a need for every first home buyer.

How we can help you acquire your first home

The property market has constantly been increasing in value for more than a year, leaving many potential first home buyers unable to catch up with their price range.

But it doesn’t mean you’re out of options and cannot find a way to secure your ideal home.

Our mortgage brokers at Plan A Mortgage know all government benefits and schemes you can leverage as an FHB. That includes the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme, which allows first home buyers to qualify for a home loan with only a 5% deposit and getting away with Lenders Mortgage Insurance payments.

Different states and territories also have schemes and government benefits to help respective FHBs participate in the property market. That includes stamp duty discounts and first home buyer financial grants.

To know more about your possibilities as an FHB in your location, feel free to speak with us at Plan A Mortgage. Our trusted mortgage brokers will discuss your current position with you and help you leap onwards to your first home.

Discover your home loan opportunities with Plan A Mortgage today!

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