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Find Out About Your Suburb’s 2021 Report Card in a Few Clicks

Find Out About Your Suburb’s 2021 Report Card in a Few Clicks

With many Australian suburbs reaching record-high growths across 2021, you might want to know how yours performed in property growth and performance. Here’s how you can find out all that with only a few clicks.

As of 2021, National Housing Values in Australia grew by as much as 22.1%, but that general figure might be far from your suburb’s actual performance.

You can check how your particular suburb and other neighbouring areas performed in terms of real estate by visiting the PropTrack 2021 Suburb Report Card on your phone or PC.

Data You Can Find On the PropTrack Interactive Tool

You can directly visit the PropTrack tool and select functions such as viewing a Suburb or Property Type by clicking the links above. These further break down into houses or residential units.

Data from the interactive tool reported that national average house prices hiked by almost 27% in 2021, a tad 13.5% increase in unit prices.

You can also view holistic information such as changes in demand for various suburbs and property types or how many highly engaged buyers participated in the property market.

Other interactive and reliable insights are available, such as average estimated property value, mean weekly rental value, median days on the property market, and rental yield.

Check How Your Suburb Perform Compared to the Best Areas

The PropTrack tool can also help you compare your suburb’s performance to neighbouring areas or the best suburbs in the state. We’ve attached direct links below to take off the hassle from your end.

You can navigate through the data by clicking the left and right arrows along with the page icon.

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